IT Asset Recovery

IT Asset Recovery

Honey Resources is proud to partner with Data Center equipment owners worldwide - just another step we take to maximize ROI and eliminate any chance of risk for our clients and partners.

IT Asset Recovery

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to R2 Certified Asset Recovery – that’s why we provide the following services:

Honey Resources has proudly operated as the partner of many household names since 1997. Here’s how:


● Fully-customized programs that allow us to accommodate any and all concerns
● We openly collaborate with our partners to discover potential efficiency improvements
● Comprehensive recycling of IT scrap and various other materials
● Convenient pre-scheduled collection and decommissioning to fit your schedules and goals

Maximum ROI

● Global network capabilities
● No value is left behind with our comprehensive grading categories or “kits”
● We look to find value where our competitors do not
● Highest possible returns made possible by Commodity Management experts


● Highly skilled team
of professionals
● Full Data Center refresh solutions
● Flexible options
● Honey Resources trailers
can be delivered and staged for large projects
Secure/Sealed Transport available


Transparency and Reporting

● Comprehensive product reports
● Certificates of Destruction
● See how and when your retired assets were categorized and processed
● In 2019, we created an interactive and intelligent portal for Honey Resources’ Asset Recovery Recovery partners