Reverse Logistics

We’re on a mission to help you turn this “necessary evil” into a massive positive opportunity.

Reverse Logistics

For many businesses, returns are often viewed as a “necessary evil”: the process can be quite complicated, confusing, and costly, but in order for the process to go as smoothly as possible, there needs to be a system in place for successful returns.
Here at Honey Resources, we’re here to help. We’re on a mission to help you turn this “necessary evil” into a massive positive opportunity for your customer loyalty, satisfaction, brand image, and overall profitability.
By placing a heavy emphasis on a simple and reliable process, we have eliminated the chance for disconnect or mistakes.
As your reverse logistics partner, we will first thoroughly analyze your existing returns process. This allows us to develop a plan that both optimizes operations and eliminates waste.

Reverse logistics


Returns Processing

Resell via outlet, Disposition management, Design and operation of return centers, Process returned inventory, Hazardous material processing, Data visibility and reporting

Refurbishing Services

De-brand and repackage returned goods, Test, repair, and refurbish electronics, Harvest and recycle parts and raw materials as needed, Redeploy products for resale and reproduction

Recycling Services

Product intake and processing ,Testing and disposal, Secure destruction of regulated goods

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