Data Wiping

Your confidentiality, privacy, and data security are of the utmost importance to us.

Data Wiping

Your confidentiality, privacy, and data security are of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we proudly provide comprehensive data wiping services.
All data wiping provided by Honey Resources is done in accordance with the industry standard DoD 5220.22 M data destruction method.
Rather than completely removing private data, wiping renders it unreadable by overwriting it on its original hard drive. In addition to protecting your important personal data, the process of data wiping ensures that the original hard drive can then be reused.

Here at Honey Resources, we are proud to provide:

There are some cases in which a simple data wipe is not sufficient for protecting important information.
For data that is maintained by military installations, insurance companies, banks, and other private institutions that manage important personal information, recorded media must be physically sanitized and destroyed.

Honey Resources proudly provides data sanitation and destruction services for the following media devices:

During the destruction process, all devices are permanently marked with an individual unit identification number, which we use for intelligent tracking.

Here at Honey Resources, we always have your best interests in mind. That’s why we work to protect your important and personal customer data just as we would our own.

All information that is entrusted to us is handled and protected in accordance with the privacy protocols designed and implemented by Secure Privacy Solutions – an esteemed member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Protecting Your Data

Wondering what steps you should take to protect your confidential and personal data? In addition to enlisting the help of Honey Resources, there are a few steps you can take on your own.

● Keep in mind that deleting and erasing does not ensure the safety or confidentiality of your data
● Enlist the utmost caution when handling your data for banking, personal records, contacts, private communications, or credit card transactions

Protecting Your Data

Finding Your Peace Of Mind
We place a strong emphasis on the privacy, security, and safety of our clients; that’s why we work hard to ensure that:
● All devices are recorded and marked – or when needed, destroyed
● All forms of media are erased, formatted, and thoroughly cleansed
● Proper handling is ensured with individual serial identification numbers

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