Cross-Border Recycling

The preservation and protection of our beautiful planet do not simply stop at borders and boundaries

Cross-Border Recycling

The preservation and protection of our beautiful planet do not simply stop at borders and boundaries – that’s why Honey Resources strives to provide exceptional international cross-border recycling, fulfillment, and refurbishment services. 
We currently operate out of San Diego, Tijuana, and Mexicali locations to provide NAFTA-sanctioned services for prominent OEM and brand name manufacturers. 
Honey Resources works to provide comprehensive recycling and reuse services on both sides of the border between the United States and Mexico. We strive to preserve an ideal balance between maximum revenue per product, preserving margins, and placement of products. 
In an ever-changing and challenging marketplace, we work twice as hard to ensure that we are ever-changing and responsive to challenges and changes, ourselves.

Each month, we process over 5,000 tons of material. Honey Resources’ 1,000,000 sq. ft. facilities provide full-service recycling and asset recovery for: 

How It’s Done:


Drop Trailer Management

Drop trailers make loading, transporting, and unloading simple and stress-free. We are able to quote anywhere from one pallet to an entire truckload. We also provide a lift gate, pallet jack, and more tools for success from start to finish.


Honey Resources provides service to thousands of different locations and destinations throughout North America via our inter-modal system.


We proudly provide flatbeds, dry-vans, and specialized trucks to manage any and all loads.

Recycling Event Logistics

No matter the size of your recycling event, we are here to provide professional support and logistics.
Honey Resources’ US headquarters are located in San Diego – right on the border with Mexico. We make use of both truck and rail freight options to maintain the lowest transportation costs possible. Our transfer stations are manned by experienced and bilingual intermodal hub experts and documentation specialists.
We are able to provide a comprehensive and auditable downstream process by synchronizing activities with various different recycling facilities across North America. We work in conjunction with different drop-off, collection, and recycling facilities to provide our clients with the lowest possible transportation costs – both by freight and rail. We implement full fleet route optimization to ensure a minimized carbon footprint.